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The Sentinel Guard: Warriors without equal. Their Creed: What We Have, We Hold

‘I have you…so you’re mine to hold…’

Captain of the Sentinel Guard, Ciaran rarely uses his magic for fear of awakening his dark, primal side. But when his King is kidnapped and tortured, Ciaran’s power alone will not be enough, and he must invoke his magic to compel a powerful empath healer—one who denies her magic exists. One who defies him with every breath she takes. One who denies the passion between them.

Submit to a man? Never again…

After believing she had killed her violent husband, Empath Healer Charys has no time for men, nor her magic. The worst thing one of her kind can do is to kill another. Believing herself unworthy of her gift, she shuns all who request her help. Even the Captain of the Sentinel Guard, whom she knows has a power much greater than her own. But she doesn’t count on the power of her own desires.

By joining their magic, the battle to save the King begins. So too, does the battle of wills.

Who will be the first to give in?

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